Thursday, June 3, 2010

Building Bears.

My girls received $50.00 Build A Bear gift cards in the mail. From Grandma Tamie. Madasin has always wanted to build a bear. So one night after jp got off work, we packed up the girls and headed to the mall. Jasmine our neighbor who my girls love. Went with us. It's qiute a process. Pick out your bear, and a sound. Fluff your bear, give it a heart. Then a bath.. And dress it. It gets to be pretty $. Thank you so much grandma Tamie, my girls love there bears. Madasin's $45.00 bear..

They had a fun night.

Daddy helping McKinlee stuff her bear.

After being stuffed.

McKinlee picked out a pink and purple bear.

Madi's friend Jasmine picked out a Pony.

Madasin picked out an Icarly bear.

This Lady was way to in to her job!


Jenny Dannels said...

so cute!!! We miss you guys..the girls are getting so BIG!

Carrian said...

Peys loves build a bear, but thankfully she NEVER wants an outfit. She has three animals, two from her uncle, that she has made, but she never goes for the clothes. HAHA not sure why

Thompson Tales said...

I need to do that for my grandbaby!! I actually love that store,so cute!