Thursday, June 17, 2010

Richmond Children's Museum

Meet our neighbor! This is the Short Pump Children's Museum. It is litterly 500 feet from our apartment. The girls and I have been there twice since it opened on the 5th.
I don't think it's much of a Museum but a large mall play area just a little more expencive. But it's a good time. And the girls really enjoy it!

She loved the lion.

The hungry cow!

A garden area where they plant the fruit and veggies.

Madasin Love's the art room.

A fun water area.

This is a sand treasure box, but it's not sand. It's little pieces of rubber. Ans it stinks like dirty little kids.

I think the kids think this is the best part of the museum!

This would be the best backyard playground!


Ligia said...

Cute! I would totally come along with you.

Carrian said...

so cute! I wish we were there to hang out!

Jenny Dannels said...

How fun! That place looks like a kids total dream! I miss you...come and live in CA with me.