Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet But Not Home!

We made it to Virginia! Finally. It wasn't as easy as I hoped it would be. First off the 3rd party we booked our flights with, had us scattered through out the plane. Umm yeah thats not acceptable. So Jp and Madasin sat in row 7. While Kinlee and I sat in 24. Luckily I was with the baby, who slept almost the whole flight. So did the guy next to me. Good thing I didn't need to use the restroom. I DO NOT do good with throw up! Yes I no I'm a mom, I can handle baby barf. But not kid throw up. As the first flight went on, Madasin throw up in Jp's lap. We thought it was from flying... Oh NO! She threw up in every airport. And for two days after we got here. The best part is it came with Diarrhea. Ewwww! So after I thought everything was good. It wasn't. Poor little McKinlee got it. the worst part was her little bum would burn every time she went. Her little face would tear up. She didn't understand how to handle it. But we are doing better. Cross your finger's I don't get it. So Virginia is absolutely Beautiful! And our apartment is in the middle of everything. Now if I could just find a park. I'm looking forward to exploring everything. It would be a lot better if I had some girl friends. But this is where my Amazing husband needs to be. I'm also looking forward to the ward out here. I really need a spiritual boost. As some of you no it's been hard going to my new ward back home. But I need to go to be there. I need the lord and the spirit he brings in my home. Speaking of home. This is our new home. The first picture is looking out of our balcony. It's amazing, the breeze we get up here. My girls love playing out there. It's hard going from our home, to a tiny apartment. Here are some pics of what it's like. So far life out here is Good. And we are blessed!

My amazing kitchen!


Thompson Tales said...

I hope that you love your new ward, that is important. I do love my ward here, but there is one lady in my ward who needs a swift kick to her butt!!!! your new place is awesome, i love the scenery!!

Jenny Dannels said...

I am in LOVE with your cute little apt. Now if we only had something close to that last year...well I am glad you have a nice place for you and your family. Hopefully there are some fun girls/kids for you guys in your ward to play with. If not...just fly to CA and stay and play with us for a little. We miss you girls. Love you lots.

Ligia said...

I have a hard time with so many ward changes also. The best thing I can say is get as involved as possible. It really does help. Meet your bishops and volunteer to be called for anything. I just got called to be a chorister for sacrament and it seems silly to me but it gets us to church on time, which is rare. We've always struggled with that. The Lord knows what we need though. I like your place. It looks cute. Are they granite? I love granite. Ours aren't but they do surpass last year. Oh well. Call me up whenever. Hope your girls are feeling better. Take care.

prism said...

Hang in there. It will be ok. I've always been a shy, and somewhat introverted person. Well, I've overcome the shyness to some degree, and when I was complaining to a far away friend about not really feeling like I had friends, she gave me some wise advice: If you want to have a friend, you have to be a friend. So true.

Good luck with everything. I'm bummed that we won't get to see you while we're out in AZ.

Love ya!

Carrian said...

It does look beautiful!!! Such an adventure. I hate moving stuff, but love exploring new places. Really hope you are well. I never hear from you. :(

Rushele said...

Sounds like quite the adventure getting there! I'm glad the girls are feeling better.
It is so pretty in VA...I hope you guys enjoy your summer!!