Sunday, September 19, 2010

Something uplifting.

I just wanted to share something that happened the other night. As most of you know, there have been some very sad and unfortunate events that have happened in my immediate family recently. My little family had been visiting my aunt and uncle at there house since they don't like being alone right now. We were about to leave when my uncle asked everyone to stay for family prayer. So we all went down and sat in a circle. As he was asking my grandpa to say it Madasin chimed in a said. "Before you say it could we go around the circle and tell Katie how we feel about her." What a sweet spirit children have. How did Madasin know to say that. It was very emotional. Madasin was the last to speak, she said she was grateful to be apart of this family. And expressed how much she loves Katie and that she was glad she is safe. I was so proud of her. Please continue to pray for my family. It will take time to heal but we will get through it together.