Thursday, June 24, 2010

Virginia Beach!

We had the opportunity to go explore Virginia beach on Tuesday. The weather was great, nice and hot. And really humid. I do not do well with humid. I'm not sure what it is but I sweat so much. So much that it's pointless to put on makeup. Anyways, to actually get to the beach you have to go through this tunnel. See it? It's a little disturbing to think your under water when your in the middle of that tunnel. I'm OK if I don't go back. Madasin had a blast. She brought me back to my childhood. We sat and dug for sand crabs, until our bucket was full. She thought it was the greatest thing. She was very proud. When she wasn't playing with her new pets, she was in the water, with the boogie board. That kid has no fear! McKinlee on the other hand hated the sand and wanted nothing to do with the water. Until we started to pack up. She showed a little interest in the sand. It was a long day, but a great day!


Thompson Tales said...

I think that I would freak out driving in that tunnel!!! Your girls are so cute, that beach looks awesome!!

Jenny Dannels said...

Look like so much fun! WE miss you...and thanks for Crew and Hudson's little plastic painting. They love it and always get so excited to get mail.