Monday, June 28, 2010

Sisters Make The Best Friends.

My two little girl's love each other so much, they are each others BEST FRIENDS. They play so well together. Madasin is always there to comfort McKinlee when she needs her. McKinlee fallows her around, has to be playing with the same thing she is. These little girl's spend a lot of time together. I hope that over the years they continue to be best friends, and always support each other. Madasin was so excited to find this shirt for McKinlee, She was excited to be twins.

She is so happy!

The girl's were playing under the table the other day and McKinlee hit her head on the leg. And got this big bump. Madie sat and held her and sang her songs.

Madi is the best tent builderLook at this smart little girl, she' almost ready.

To my darling girls,
Thanks for making me the luckiest mommy ever.
I Love You.


Britnee said...

That is so sweet. They are adorable! You are very lucky to have two beautiful girls, that are each others best friends.

The Browns said...

cute cute girls!!! I need to meet them when you guys come back. Looks like things are great in VA. :-)