Thursday, October 13, 2011

Madasin the Giant

So much has happened in the last couple of months. Madasin turned 7 in Aug. Her bio dads parents came down to celebrate with us and two finally meet the other girlie's. We had a blast! McKinlee loves her new grandpa Tom. She thinks he's the greatest thing ever. Also something that I wasn't ready for but new the question was coming was ." How are you guys my grandparents." Wow! I wasn't going to have that talk with her until she was older. But being the mature little girl that she is she took it very well. Still to this day doesn't really want to know too much about him. But some day the ? will come and I will be ready for them.

Madasin is a tall girl she is developing faster than the other girls if you get my hint. She started wearing a training bra after kindergarten. Her Dr. and I are a little concerned so she sent us to a specialist to get some blood work down. The results show that her bones are growing @ the age of a 9 yr old. In order for her not to start her period at such a young age more test need to be done. An ultrasound of her ovaries more blood work and an MRI of her brain. If it comes down to her developing faster more often she'll have to be given a shot every month to try and slow down the process. I can tell something is wrong with her she is so dang Emotional. Hope all goes well with the next set of test and she'll stop growing. Even the dentist has mentioned that most of the teeth she has lost and the new teeth that have come in, kids won't lose until there 10 to 12.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thing's Are Slowing Down.

Summer is almost at it's end. I think I'm a little excited about Madasin going back this year. I need a schedule in my life. We have been playing all summer. It's been a blast! I need to catch up on some sleep, I can't wait for regular naps. Monroe has been doing A LOT better. She still has days when all she does is cry but, the happy baby is coming out. She laughed out loud for the first time yesterday. I caught myself holding back tears. She's getting big! I still want her to be a baby. I bought her the musical giraffe. It's her favorite thing to play with and sleep with. Her life is getting easier. And that makes me happy. Madasin will be going into the 2nd grade she turns 7 next month. That's crazy! So far none of her friends are in her class but it's good to make new one's. McKinlee is becoming less of the span of Satan and more like a loving little girl. Some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth is so cute. I think a lot has to do with that cute little voice. 3 1/2 months.

Sleeping in the bumbo

Her new friend!

All smilesKinlee swimming alone.

Cute Madasin

She really is the best big sister.

My girl's are my life..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What A Bleesing

I can't thank my father in heaven enough for this sweet little baby. She is just so wonderful.

Family Of Fish.

This is why I love living in a house with a pool. We are in the pool 24/7. We never have to leave or go to my parents. Who wants to drive anywhere when it's 118 outside? Not me! My girls love to swim. Right now they are both in swim lessons and learning so much. Jp let Kinlee swim with out her floater's last night. She has no fear, jumping off the diving board alone. Even Our sweet Monroe likes the pool.

Madasin dancing.

Go Kinlee Go!

This picture is perfect.

118 that's hot.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am So Lucky.

She has finally fallen asleep once again. I don't dare put her down. She is so attached to me. Which is a hard thing, I didn't want to hold this baby 24/7. I wanted her to be independent. But since she has been sick that's all I have been doing. She depends on me for everything. I am doing my best to make her little life a little easier. The Dr's thought she might be allergic to cows milk so they put me on this crazy diet. I could pretty much eat chicken and air. But I did it for my baby. It wasn't helping, so on my own I switched her to goats milk. Which seemed to work for a couple of weeks. Then we went back to screaming. So it's back to formula, I'm sad I'm no longer nursing since I still have a ton of milk. But I tried. She'll feel better over time. Her little smile is so sweet and when she talks it makes it all worth it.
This little stinker makes me want to run away. I don't know if she doesn't get enough attention or what but I'm going to lose my mind. She is just NOT nice. She loves beating up on Madasin and her friend Griffen. Scratches them and draws blood. She'll walk up to you and hit you. Or when she doesn't get her way she says" meanie you little brat" and spits on you. Oh she is also a great artist. She loves to draw on everything but paper. The walls in her room, the tile in the pantry. Her bed but with lipstick, and of course her body. On her lips her forehead on the bottoms of her feet. I don't get it. She started swim lessons last week, this kid can't swim but you would have thought she knew how. So just kept jumping in. This kid has no fear.
Madasin has been a lifesaver. She is such a big help when it comes to the baby. She is loving summer, we are in the pool everyday. She's already looking like a Mexican. She planted her pumpkin seeds from her pumpkin last Halloween. And they grew, they got big enough for us to make two homemade pumpkin pies. They we're so yummy. She didn't want school to end she liked her teacher that much. I am excited for her to be in 2nd grade. To learn more and become a better reading. She loves to read, we've been going to the library lately and she checks out chapter book. She is very smart. I still can't believe she's almost 7 that just seems so old.
I love these ladies!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm so far behind on my bloging I doubt I'll ever catch up. I LOVE these girls.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

She's Here.

Monroe Julene Porter, Born April 4, 2011. 9Lbs 7.4Oz. 21Inc Long
There is so much I want to blog about but life has been crazy. Our baby has jaundice, and has been in the Dr. office every morning since she has been home from the hospital. Her levels seemed to be getting better but then jumped back up. Now the Dr. is telling me that my breast milk is what is causing her levels to stay where they are. So as of right now she is being feed a bottle with formula. Which is a bummer since I was so set on nursing. When life slows down I will blog about everything. Life is good and we are enjoying our new sister.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

37 1/2 Weeks.

I can't believe I am almost done. When I found out I was pregnant I was only 4 weeks! Since then the weeks have gone by pretty fast.Sure there have been a few set backs like Diabetes, but it's all worked out better than I expected.Sure I can't have the delicious cup cake that every pregnant women craves. But I've learned a lot about foods and what you should be putting in your body. Maybe that's why I'm not as large as I was with McKinlee. Lat week I had an ultrasound to figure out how big Monroe really is.. Drum roll... She was weighing in the 8's. I feel a lot smaller with this one, I doubt she'll be a ten pounder but I am thinking in the 9's. I have two outfits packed for the hospital just in case I'm wrong. I have no idea what this little girl is going to look like. From the looks of the ultrasound this girl has chubby chubby checks, nose and lips. Kinlee told me yesterday. "Mom whens baby coming out?" I said in a couple of days. Then she goes on to say "Let me take her out, come here." I hope she's still excited when she meets her. I'm really nervous. She changes her mind about the baby everyday. We are so excited to welcome baby Monroe into our family. Hopefully everything goes well for us on Monday morning.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I feel like I haven't talked about these three in a while. Maybe it's because I've had a lot on my mind with this new little one still cooking. We we're playing at the park the other day, and as I sat on the bench I started to think about life with another..Soon there will be a 3rd to call me mommy and depend on me. But also a 4th for me to love. When I was pregnant with McKinlee I was worried I wouldn't have enough love for both of my girls. Now I know why the lord has given me the blessing to raise these girls. He knows I have enough love for each of them. Baby Monroe isn't the one I'm worried about. McKinlee is still my sweet baby girl. I'm pretty sure she knows something is about to change. 5 Times a day she walks up to me with her blanket and says " Hold me, now rock me like a baby." My baby is growing up! And in just 4 short weeks we will have a new baby to hold and rock. But in the mean time I want to soak up all the time I have with just these 3. They are my world.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I can't eat that!

Here I am 30 weeks pregnant! Not the best picture of myself but you get the idea. And I'm only going to get BIGGER!! As of Friday I am now granted a Big baby! I have Gestational Diabetes! You have got to be kidding. I took my first glucose test at about 13 weeks and I was fine, and another at 26 weeks. My Dr. told me I'm not the average 300lb diabetic. But She also told me all the fun things I get to look forward to in the next 8 weeks! Stress Tests, NO Sugar, finger pricking, on the spot diarrhea caused by my medicine. Cut back on carbs. Oh and ultrasounds that's a happy thing. It will be hard not to satisfy a pregnant women's cravings. But I am determined to do this for my baby. I just hope she doesn't come too early even though she will be big I want her to be fully developed. So I should know in the next couple of weeks when she will arrive.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 weeks to go!

Holy Cow! Ten weeks to go. I can't believe it. In ten weeks I'll have 3 little girls. I'm feeling really good. I get the minor heartburn in my upper back, which is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. It makes my muscles ache. The only way to get rid of it is to make myself throw up. Yum. But I can't complain it could be worse. We are still expecting a big baby, which makes me nervous because my Dr. says he can't take her out at 38 weeks. I have my babies at 38 weeks. I guess the hospital wont allow it anymore. Which is fine for other people. But my last was almost 11 lbs. Does he not remember? So April 11 is my c-section at 39 weeks. Lets see if I make it that far.

Up Date!

It didn't seem like Christmas could go by any slower this year. I did enjoy it, but needed to pack my house so we could move. Yes we moved again, this time I hope to stay a while. We moved back to our old neighborhood. I love it over here. Our new house has more rooms a play room, a backyard and a pool. You can't any better than that. Madasin still goes to the same school. Which I love! I find myself playing outside more with the girls, it's so nice to have kids on our block that my girls like to play with. I need to get going on the girls rooms. I'm running out of time... life is good!

Christmas 2010

This is what our girls woke up to Christmas morning. They were so excited! This year McKinlee asked for Barbies so Madasin decided she wanted Barbies to. That's all these two little ladies got. This Christmas was a lot of fun. Kinlee understood a little. I think her favorite part was the No man. "SNOW MAN". She loves snow men. To this day she still talks about them and sings the frosty song. We drove around almost every night to look at lights. It's the little things that I will remember.

We spent Christmas Eve at my aunt Sandy's home. We had a delicious dinner sang songs and had a program. In one of the pictures you see McKinlee hugging my aunt Sandy. She was thanking everyone for all the support over the last couple of months and started to cry. I think Kinlee noticed and went and gave her a five minute hug. Children are so sweet. The girls couldn't wait to get home and try and fall asleep fast

Christmas Eve day we spent time at Schnepf Farms. With my mother in lasw's side of the family. The kids love it there, especially the petting zoo. They like to get in and get dirty with the animals.