Wednesday, December 22, 2010

gingerbread house party

My sister in law Amanda had me and the girls over this past week to make gingerbread houses. I don't think my girls have ever made them before. So it was fun seeing what they came up with. I think McKinlee liked putting the frosting on more than the candy. But I do know eating it was the best part for her. Madasin made hers as fancy as she could get it. All the girls had a great time together. We are so lucky to live so close to our family. We love spending time with them. She was so excited to show it off, she covered her smile.

Madasin's fabulous house.

They all did so well.
These are some of my favorite new pictures we have taken. Crazy to think next year at this time we will have another sister.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So This Is Christmas.

It's still 80 outside. So besides the Christmas music on the radio and the lights on the house. It doesn't feel like Christmas. We decorated our house about 2 weeks ago, but found a house and packed most of it up. I want to remember the little things this year. Like how Kinlee says No Man- snowman. Or Yanta for Santa. Or when we drive by a house with a lot of lights, She Yells mom lights. wow. Lately the girls and I will have dinner then jump in the car and look at lights. Our night usually ends with sleepy girls that have sang Christmas carols for about an hr.

Our friends just had an ugly Christmas sweater party. So much fun! Jp wore my grandmas sweater. He looked hot. I used my visiting teachers sweater, it was a little snug. But I think it all turned out cute. We played the white elephant game, we walked out with batteries. Not fun. But the rest of the night was a blast. It's always nice to see all of our friends.