Friday, December 21, 2012

Let's catch up.

I am so behind on blogging, Our sweet little McKinlee turned 4 in October and right after we celebrated Halloween. Since then life has gotten a whole lot busier. I know I've said this about all my girls but, there's something about McKinlee that is just oh so sweet. Or at least she's sweet to me. I can't believe she's already 4.
Soon she'll be off to school and I'll just have Monroe. Times I do look forward to but seem scary at the same time. We celebrated her birthday with some girl friends and had a mermaid party. It turned out so cute. I think she's fine if she just has friends around. She often tells me that she wants to go to daycare school (daycare).
Little does she know she still has all of next year with me.She played soccer for the first time with the ymca out here. Oh my goodness when she wasn't wearing her tutu to practice she was dancing and holding hands with her friend Camille on the field. Also she just finished her first Singers Company recital. My kid can sing! Seriously though she was so good. They had 3 performances and the biggest one was at the downtown Round Round tree lighting. Which had maybe a 1000 ppl. My kid stood front and center and pored out her heart. She gets it from her dads side. I'm so proud of her.

                                             Madasin            McKinlee             Monroe

                                          McKinlee the Mermaid.

                                           Happy Halloween
                                                 My sassy soccer player

                                             Happy 4th Birthday McKinlee Rae We Love You So Much!