Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What A Bleesing

I can't thank my father in heaven enough for this sweet little baby. She is just so wonderful.

Family Of Fish.

This is why I love living in a house with a pool. We are in the pool 24/7. We never have to leave or go to my parents. Who wants to drive anywhere when it's 118 outside? Not me! My girls love to swim. Right now they are both in swim lessons and learning so much. Jp let Kinlee swim with out her floater's last night. She has no fear, jumping off the diving board alone. Even Our sweet Monroe likes the pool.

Madasin dancing.

Go Kinlee Go!

This picture is perfect.

118 that's hot.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am So Lucky.

She has finally fallen asleep once again. I don't dare put her down. She is so attached to me. Which is a hard thing, I didn't want to hold this baby 24/7. I wanted her to be independent. But since she has been sick that's all I have been doing. She depends on me for everything. I am doing my best to make her little life a little easier. The Dr's thought she might be allergic to cows milk so they put me on this crazy diet. I could pretty much eat chicken and air. But I did it for my baby. It wasn't helping, so on my own I switched her to goats milk. Which seemed to work for a couple of weeks. Then we went back to screaming. So it's back to formula, I'm sad I'm no longer nursing since I still have a ton of milk. But I tried. She'll feel better over time. Her little smile is so sweet and when she talks it makes it all worth it.
This little stinker makes me want to run away. I don't know if she doesn't get enough attention or what but I'm going to lose my mind. She is just NOT nice. She loves beating up on Madasin and her friend Griffen. Scratches them and draws blood. She'll walk up to you and hit you. Or when she doesn't get her way she says" meanie you little brat" and spits on you. Oh she is also a great artist. She loves to draw on everything but paper. The walls in her room, the tile in the pantry. Her bed but with lipstick, and of course her body. On her lips her forehead on the bottoms of her feet. I don't get it. She started swim lessons last week, this kid can't swim but you would have thought she knew how. So just kept jumping in. This kid has no fear.
Madasin has been a lifesaver. She is such a big help when it comes to the baby. She is loving summer, we are in the pool everyday. She's already looking like a Mexican. She planted her pumpkin seeds from her pumpkin last Halloween. And they grew, they got big enough for us to make two homemade pumpkin pies. They we're so yummy. She didn't want school to end she liked her teacher that much. I am excited for her to be in 2nd grade. To learn more and become a better reading. She loves to read, we've been going to the library lately and she checks out chapter book. She is very smart. I still can't believe she's almost 7 that just seems so old.
I love these ladies!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm so far behind on my bloging I doubt I'll ever catch up. I LOVE these girls.