Monday, June 28, 2010

Sisters Make The Best Friends.

My two little girl's love each other so much, they are each others BEST FRIENDS. They play so well together. Madasin is always there to comfort McKinlee when she needs her. McKinlee fallows her around, has to be playing with the same thing she is. These little girl's spend a lot of time together. I hope that over the years they continue to be best friends, and always support each other. Madasin was so excited to find this shirt for McKinlee, She was excited to be twins.

She is so happy!

The girl's were playing under the table the other day and McKinlee hit her head on the leg. And got this big bump. Madie sat and held her and sang her songs.

Madi is the best tent builderLook at this smart little girl, she' almost ready.

To my darling girls,
Thanks for making me the luckiest mommy ever.
I Love You.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Virginia Beach!

We had the opportunity to go explore Virginia beach on Tuesday. The weather was great, nice and hot. And really humid. I do not do well with humid. I'm not sure what it is but I sweat so much. So much that it's pointless to put on makeup. Anyways, to actually get to the beach you have to go through this tunnel. See it? It's a little disturbing to think your under water when your in the middle of that tunnel. I'm OK if I don't go back. Madasin had a blast. She brought me back to my childhood. We sat and dug for sand crabs, until our bucket was full. She thought it was the greatest thing. She was very proud. When she wasn't playing with her new pets, she was in the water, with the boogie board. That kid has no fear! McKinlee on the other hand hated the sand and wanted nothing to do with the water. Until we started to pack up. She showed a little interest in the sand. It was a long day, but a great day!

Life Changes.

I have been looking forward to blogging all day. The hubby is away the girlie's are in bed. My home is clean and the Spirit is so strong. I have a good friend I use to work with. There was always something going on in her life. Good or bad she handled it well. I talked to this friend tonight. Much to my surprise her and her husband will be getting baptized next month. I am so happy for. It's going to change her life in so many ways. The lord works in mysterious ways.
P.S My grandma is back in the hospital, please keep her in your prayers.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meet This Guy...

Meet This Guy..
This guy is one of the most important men in my life. Boy am I lucky to have him as a father! This guy never missed a sporting event, a dance competition. He was there for everything. And when he wasn't working two or three jobs to support us. He was digging a whole in our backyard for the trampoline, by himself. The most important thing that he has shown me growing up, is the love and respect he has for my mother. And how incredible lucky she is.
Dad, thank you for EVERYTHING you have done and will continue to do for me! I love you. Happy fathers day.

Now Meet This Guy...

These girlie's are so darn Lucky to have this guy for there father. These little girls have him wrapped around his finger so tight. The love they show him is incredible. And to think it's only going to grow through out the years. He has changed my life. And I no they have changed his. Justin, thank you for being the most amazing dad to our little girls, and an even better husband to there mommy. We love you happy fathers day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Richmond Children's Museum

Meet our neighbor! This is the Short Pump Children's Museum. It is litterly 500 feet from our apartment. The girls and I have been there twice since it opened on the 5th.
I don't think it's much of a Museum but a large mall play area just a little more expencive. But it's a good time. And the girls really enjoy it!

She loved the lion.

The hungry cow!

A garden area where they plant the fruit and veggies.

Madasin Love's the art room.

A fun water area.

This is a sand treasure box, but it's not sand. It's little pieces of rubber. Ans it stinks like dirty little kids.

I think the kids think this is the best part of the museum!

This would be the best backyard playground!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Little Artist.

I sat McKinlee in front of some markers last night. With a ceramic cupcake. Gave her something to do while I made dinner. She's pretty talented.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Building Bears.

My girls received $50.00 Build A Bear gift cards in the mail. From Grandma Tamie. Madasin has always wanted to build a bear. So one night after jp got off work, we packed up the girls and headed to the mall. Jasmine our neighbor who my girls love. Went with us. It's qiute a process. Pick out your bear, and a sound. Fluff your bear, give it a heart. Then a bath.. And dress it. It gets to be pretty $. Thank you so much grandma Tamie, my girls love there bears. Madasin's $45.00 bear..

They had a fun night.

Daddy helping McKinlee stuff her bear.

After being stuffed.

McKinlee picked out a pink and purple bear.

Madi's friend Jasmine picked out a Pony.

Madasin picked out an Icarly bear.

This Lady was way to in to her job!