Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas 2010

This is what our girls woke up to Christmas morning. They were so excited! This year McKinlee asked for Barbies so Madasin decided she wanted Barbies to. That's all these two little ladies got. This Christmas was a lot of fun. Kinlee understood a little. I think her favorite part was the No man. "SNOW MAN". She loves snow men. To this day she still talks about them and sings the frosty song. We drove around almost every night to look at lights. It's the little things that I will remember.

We spent Christmas Eve at my aunt Sandy's home. We had a delicious dinner sang songs and had a program. In one of the pictures you see McKinlee hugging my aunt Sandy. She was thanking everyone for all the support over the last couple of months and started to cry. I think Kinlee noticed and went and gave her a five minute hug. Children are so sweet. The girls couldn't wait to get home and try and fall asleep fast

Christmas Eve day we spent time at Schnepf Farms. With my mother in lasw's side of the family. The kids love it there, especially the petting zoo. They like to get in and get dirty with the animals.