Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 weeks to go!

Holy Cow! Ten weeks to go. I can't believe it. In ten weeks I'll have 3 little girls. I'm feeling really good. I get the minor heartburn in my upper back, which is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. It makes my muscles ache. The only way to get rid of it is to make myself throw up. Yum. But I can't complain it could be worse. We are still expecting a big baby, which makes me nervous because my Dr. says he can't take her out at 38 weeks. I have my babies at 38 weeks. I guess the hospital wont allow it anymore. Which is fine for other people. But my last was almost 11 lbs. Does he not remember? So April 11 is my c-section at 39 weeks. Lets see if I make it that far.


Thompson Tales said...

Dang, I had to catch myself up on your blog!! You look fantastic, I can't believe that you only have 10 weeks left!

stephanie and sean said...

you look so great britt! heartburn is the WORST!!!! i hope you're feeling good otherwise :) i can't wait to see your sweet little girl.

Megan said...

You look great for having a big baby and being 30 weeks! I started wearing crappy clothes and stretchy pants by then and my baby was only 9 lbs 12 oz..not as big as your last.

I was determined for an early birth too and was told as of Jan. 1st they won't induce more than a week early anymore. Starting at nearly 38 weeks I went in every day for 5 days and had my membranes stripped. It worked for me. Not fun, but on the 5th day (38 weeks 3 days) I went into labor. May be an idea? I don't know why Arizona instituted this policy. But now that you're officially diabetic maybe they'll take her sooner?