Friday, July 3, 2009


So after a long morning at the gym and waking up early to my girl's. I decided to lay down while my husband was still home. Just as i could feel my body enter into that deep sleep we all love. This is what I heard. " MOM, MOM WAKE UP. BRITTNEY GET OUT OF BED SHE'S EATING POOP" Wait what, Say that again Poop really? Sure enough my sweet little baby was covered in her own Delicious green poop. Some how after her daddy changed her he set the diaper aside and walked away. I'm sure he forgot that she moves around these days, and my 4 year old was watching TV had no clue her sister was playing with her own poop like it was play dough..
Oh the joy's of Motherhood.


Rushele said...

What baby doesn't love a hearty helping of poo from time to time?!
We've actually been VERY lucky in that department, neither of our girls have ever put it in their mouths. Raegan only played in her poo a couple of times and then that novelty wore off, thank goodness!!

Ligia said...

Orion probably did this a couple of times. I don't think he ever played in it like playdough but we've woken up to some explosions and poop all over our pack-n-play. One day he pulled out a stiff piece from his diaper and chugged it at me saying it was "a rock." So gross.

stacy said...


Dana said...

Tyler did the same thing when he was little only I didn't know who's poo it was or where it came from!!! Yuck!

Ashley May said...

Oh no! I know the day is going to come when something like that happens.. but I am dreading it. Seems like every Mom has a good poop story... unfortunatly!