Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally Home In Arizona.

Last week some time I was sitting around the computer at my girl friend Jenny's house. Trying to find her a nice place in California to live. And some how it went from House hunting to buying plane tickets for the two of us and our four kids combined.It didn't sink in that i only really had a day and a half to pack up our ENTIRE apartment and leave Minnesota for good. But i must be amazing, I did it. Leaving my sweet husband to work and live alone for the next month or so. After getting to California and not seeing Jenny once, I was glad to Finally be back in Arizona. I LOVE it here. If i had it my way i would die here, but my husband has other plans. So while we were on our little adventure we took the girl's to the beach. McKinlee is a big fan of the sand. And Maddie was a little daring, she thought she was 8 feet tall in the Ocean. No big deal if she was knocked over. We also visited some relatives we haven't seen in forever. As a little girl i don't remember going to see my Grandpa Jack and now that i have kids of my own i want them to no who he was, Madasin is always asking questions about him. So we spent a couple hours in the cemetery just hanging out and cleaning head stones. It was very relaxing. We are so excited to be back home with our friends and family. These next couple of months are going to be very exciting Madasin will be turning 5. And she will be starting Kindergarten ALL DAY (Mommy is so excited) And our sweet Baby Girl will be turning ONE. And our dad will be coming home some time soon, we are so thankful for the hard work he does for our family. We love you!

She Thought She Would Leave Her With A Kiss.

Happy Girl's

We Miss You Grandpa Jack.

Love's The Beach.

Mommy & Mckinlee @ The Beach.

Big Is Always Better.

Helping Mommy Pack..She's Sad Were Leaving Daddy.

Taking a bath in Great Grandma's Sink!


Carrian said...

Um, I think you better call me!! I didn't know you left~!!

Megan said...

Ah we miss you here, but I am glad you are back home and loving it. I wish I was, too. See you in a couple of weeks!

Steffanie said...

I'm glad you are back. I know we didn't hang out too much before you left, but what say you to changing that??? Let's get together.

The Towes said...

So cute pictures!! Glad your home!!! xoxo it was great to see you the other day!

Rushele said...

I always love going to the beach! So relaxing and beautiful. Not to mention always cooler there too!!
I'm glad to hear that you're back home! Too bad you had to come without JP, but he'll be here soon, right?
Let us know if you need help getting unpacked or anything!