Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome To Texas.

So much has happened since Christmas. We packed our car and drove to TX. It took us 19 hrs with 3 little girlies and a small trailer. I must say it was better than i thought it was going to be. The girls did so good. I don't think Monroe cried once. The lord blessed us.

Madasin loves her new school and has a ton of friends already, I'm not surprised. We also gave her, her own room she's quiet the collector. Or maybe even hoarder. We couldn't have picked a better street to live on there are a Ton of little kids. My girls love it! It also gets me out. This girl loves Texas she wears her Longhorn shirt with pride. We got the girls a puppy "Sarge" he's a pure bread doberman. I still don't know what I was thinking we have white carpet. Needless to say Madasin is doing wonderful here.
Rudy's BBQ!

McKinlee is satisfied running around in her panties all day watching Tangled. She's a simple kid. She says the strangest things. But I'm sure it's because she's exploring new things and figuring herself out. For the past month now she walks around the house singing"I love to see the Temple."It's cute to hear her make up different words each time.

Monroe is 10 months and almost walking. I'm so glad she has out grown her reflux she's a brand new baby. A baby I LOVE to be around. She is still really attached to me but that's to be expected. I still rock her to sleep every night.She refuses to eat baby food loves the good stuff. I'm pretty sure after tonight pasta is her favorite. She loves to be outside or playing with her sisters. Or just smiling!

9 months
As of right now we LOVE TX. We have been very blessed and thankful for having such a great life. We look forward to our new journey and what it brings.


Jenny Dannels said...

so glad you are loving Texas! I want to come visit soon!!

Jaclyn said...

cute family!