Monday, November 8, 2010

Three Days Of Halloween.

This year we celebrated Halloween from Friday to Sunday. It was a little too much by Monday. But it's hard not to do anything since McKinlee's birthday is on the 29Th. I know this post is backwards but bare with me. This was sunday night. Since we didn't go to trunk or treat, we took the girls out on Halloween. We had a blast! Once McKinlee realized what was going on and how to get free candy she was off. You should have seen her run through people's yards her bucket would swing from side to side. Almost knocking her over. We had a great night with family.
Tatum and Madasin.

This was Saturday night. Since Jp had to work, we went to my Aunt Sandy's ward carnival. The girls had a good time. They got there face painted, wen't through a haunted house. Carved pumpkins. And just hung out with family. Kinlee Love's my uncle Rick's boxer Marlee. She try's to pick her up.

Me and my girl's at the carnival! Our pumpkins. And McKinlee's new favorite thing in the world. Her Bike.

She plays the part well.

Now on to the most important day. McKinlee's 2Nd Birthday Party!

Wow another year has gone by, and my baby is now a little girl. We decided to have a family party this year. With costumes and yummy soups and a pumpkin carving contest. We played candy corn bowling. And a black cat crashed our party. The only thing this kid would talk about was bike's.If we we're driving and she saw a bike she would Yale. Mom bike pink. She wanted a pink bike. One night I put her to bed and when I walked by I could here her saying.. Bike, pink bike. This girl would not stop out this bike. So this is what she got. She is so in love. McKinlee has been the sweetest little baby ever. She is so kind and lovey. I already miss her as baby, and will forever miss that. Happy Birthday McKinlee! We Love You.

This was her pumpkin cake my sister Amy made her.

Some of the cousin's!

She did not want anything to do with carving the pumpkin.

Next year I bet I will miss this cute little face..