Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby # 3

Our baby is 12 1/2 weeks. And is making mommy very nervous. Mommy was hoping to see a little penis, but nothing was there. Sure it could still happen in two weeks. But just my luck it will be a little Monroe..This pregnancy has been pretty easy so far. I've had my days, but nothing to serious. I haven't gained any weight, but lost some lbs. I feel like I should be at least 6 months, I'm pretty big already.


stacy said...

don't make yourself crazy lady...just wait till your 20 week appointment for that info. you look super cute!

Ashley May said...

Your lucky you got an ultrasound at 12 1/2 weeks! I'm going to be the same way with #3... except I'm hoping for the opposite... No more penis's! lol

Carrian said...

so cute! I thought the sex of the baby wouldn't manifest until 14 weeks at the very earliest and that's still major pushing it. Usually 16 weeks is best and of course 20 weeks is preferred. You look so cute too