Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of First grade.

Wow Madasin is in the first grade! I can't believe how big she is. So far she Love's her class and her teacher. She tells me she's the head girl of her friends. And loves when Piercen calls her Hot Lips. LOL Hot Lips. That's a new one. She is only going to get smarter. I'm excited for her to learn more. And really understanding things. She picked out her own outfit that day. Who ever said stripes and polka dots don't go together, you're wrong! She looked adorable. Every morning when we drop her off McKinlee crys and says mannnie. It's sweet.

On to some other news. I'm Due April 16Th but my Dr. told me she can take him out on the 11th. That's 39 weeks! Do they not remember how large me and my baby were? I'm going to die. So far so good. Know morning sickness, give it a couple of weeks. I took 7 pregnancie test. I did not believe I was pregnant. But so happy I am. We really would like a BOY! Since it will be our last. Other then that we are still loving Az. And we are happy to be home.


Ligia said...

I took tons of tests too. I couldn't believe it either. I can't believe Madasin is that big already. She was Orion's age when I first met her. Crazy.