Thursday, October 16, 2008


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So my whole family came over to help me clean my house before the baby comes.well we didnt just clean it we painted to, and FINALLY put things on the walls. now the kitchen still isn't done. the blue tile is going and the cabinets. and i want to find dome cute chairs for my kitchen table, even if i have to paint them. oh and how much do you LOVE my wall paper..


prism said...

lookin' good! much better colors than before. :-)

Rushele said...

I do like that wallpaper! Very nice!!
I like those pink pumpkins too.
Glad to see that things are coming together at the house!
Any day now your baby will be here!! Yay!

Melissa said...

Looks great! I hope that baby comes soon and everything goes great with the labor. Are you having a c-sec.?