Monday, September 8, 2008


It all started 2 years ago, our first date. Justin took me to Buffalo wild wings to watch some Monday night football. Well just so happens that's what tonight was. To him it doesn't matter the actual date, it's the first game of the season. What an amazing man I married. I really lucked out. I'm even More in Love with JUSTIN then i ever have been. At least i no he'll always remember our first date, and won't let me forget. So our evening was spent @Red Robin with our friend's The Hooper's. This time around i didn't get much of the game in, our little girls' were having to great of a time for us to even glance at the TV. But at least we tryed...Sorry for the CHUBBINESS i can't help it.

These are the two sweet girl's that played so well together. Ragen and Madasin.


stacy said...

i wa just thinking that the picture of the two of you was old. you don't look chubby at all. you look super cute!

football???!!!???! BARF!!!!!

Rushele said...

There's no chubbiness!! You always look really cute!
I like the girls' hats, very cute!
They do seem to have a lot of fun together. Lucky for us!!